Doggie Day Care on a Farm

We are proud to say that K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care was the first dog day care in this area and is still the longest running. As many of our earlier clients know, we started out in Little Burstead (Billericay) and have since moved to a new location on a farm just outside Billericay in Stock. We believe the farm atmosphere is the very best for your dog as it is both stimulating to your dog’s senses, yet relaxing.  Trust us, they love it here.  That’s why we believe we are also the best as we are committed to providing a SAFE, yet FUN environment for your dog. Doggie day care is a relatively new concept to the Billericay area but in short, it’s a place to bring your dog if you have to leave them for extended hours during the day. Similar to a day care for children, but of course it’s for canines.

Registered Home Boarding

We now offer home boarding to all dogs that have been previously assessed. They spend the day at the farm then go with Jayne to spend the night in her home. There are no rules in Jayne’s house other than your rules and they will be cared for and loved as if they were her own. Please ask for details.

Our Speciality:

Looking after your dogs here is all that we do.  We play with them, exercise them, and encourage safe interaction with other friendly dogs. And we only do this here on the farm.  We do not take your dogs off the property where they could come into contact with dogs that haven’t undergone our strict temperament test. Simply put, we care for your dog as you would, that’s our speciality.

Our Facility:

We have a securely fenced field in the middle of a wonderful farm with a pond and some shade for those, oh so infrequent <sigh>, hot days in the summer.  We are surrounded by wooded land rich with all the smells of nature that your dog loves.  We often take the dogs on walks around the farm so that they can investigate for themselves; we keep them on-lead at this time for their safety and the safety of the other farm occupants! We also have an indoor area where dogs can come in out of the cold, or heat, if they choose.

K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care Philosophy:

We ensure that your dog experiences a day full of play, exercise, and socialisation in a safe environment.  We provide these elements so that you come home to a tired, yet happy dog, alleviating any negative behavior at home, usually associated with lack of exercise or just boredom. Now ask yourself this, wouldn’t your dog love to spend the day on a farm? If you think they would, then why not send them to K9to5 Doggie Day Care? We provide the best dog day care experience in Billericay, Stock, Wickford, Shenfield, Ingatestone and surrounding areas. We are based at South Hill Farm, Ingatestone Road, Stock, CM4 9PD.  Tel: 07889 492637 email: