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What Is Doggie Day Care?

A doggie day care is a similar concept to a child’s day care centre but, of course, is for our 4-legged babies. A doggie day care centre is a place where owners with busy schedules can send their dogs to enjoy a full day of socialisation, exercise and play in a safe environment knowing that they will come home to a happy, well-exercised and relaxed dog.


Currently, dog owners who work outside of the home have to leave their beloved dog unattended for long periods of time often experiencing a great sense of guilt for the owners and boredom for the dogs.

In some cases dog owners hire dog sitters to come into the house for a short time to feed and/or walk the dog.

Although this is a helpful service, it is limited in that it only meets the basic functional needs of the dog and has its risks when walking the dog in public places.


At the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care we have just under an acre of securely fenced land on a farm which also has wooded areas to add variety to their day.  There is also an indoor area for those days when the weather makes it unpleasant to stay outside for long periods of time.

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Depending on your dog’s activity level and particular requirements, he or she may enjoy their day playing with other dogs, playing with dedicated staff, inside or outside, they may be the type of dog who prefers to leisurely investigate the smells of the farm or just receiving loving attention from our attentive staff.

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To secure the safety of your pet, all dogs will be subject to passing a temperament test to ensure the dogs are non-aggressive, sociable and well-balanced.  We regret that we can only accept male dogs over 6 months of age that have been neutered.  Female dogs do not need to be spayed, however, they cannot attend the day care centre when in season.

If required, we can feed your dog’s meals (provided by you).  All dogs requiring feeding will be fed alone so that only they have access to their food. Otherwise, there are too many enthuiastic eaters who will be only too happy to help out those picky eaters!

We welcome all dogs on a raw diet as we believe it to be the best for them. My two dogs enjoy a wonderful selection from http://www.davidsdoggiedinners.co.uk


We also offer home boarding now. Please ask for details.