Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes. We have specific pet business insurance from a company that specialises in providing insurance to pet businesses.  Cover includes: employer’s liability; public liability; care custody and control extension for liability to animals; professional indemnity; and key coverage.

Q: I have a puppy, can he come to the day care centre?

A: Yes. K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care welcomes new puppies to our pack, as soon as they have had their final injections. We have a rest area to ensure they are given the rest they require. Most importantly, the day care centre offers a fantastic opportunity for your puppy to socialise with other well-behaved dogs.

Q: Will my dog get to play with other dogs?

A: Yes.  We will only accept dogs that are social with other dogs and will ensure that they are put into a suitable “play-group” with other dogs of similar size and energy levels.

Q: How do you determine which dogs are eligible to attend the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care Center?

A: We will conduct a temperament test that involves assessing your dog’s sociability with other dogs.  To do this we will select a couple of very sociable dogs and introduce them to your dog gradually in the cabin (on lead).  Staff members will be vigilant for signs of aggression, both obvious (growling, lip curling, etc.) and the less obvious forms of aggression such as hackles raised and/or a prolonged stare.  If we see any signs we will back the dogs away from each other and try again with another dog and at a greater distance.  If the dog continues to display negative signs we will likely abandon the introductions and determine that this dog is not a suitable candidate for the day care centre.  If no signs of aggression are observed we will gradually let the dogs sniff each other and start their socialization routine.  Throughout the assesssment we will gradually expose your dog to more dogs and find a suitable playgroup that fits your dog’s size and energy levels.  Frequently these groups are determined by the dogs themselves!

Q: What happens if my dog is not determined to be a suitable candidate for the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care?

A: We will attempt to call you to collect your dog but if this is not possible we will isolate your dog for the day ensuring that he/she still has plenty of individual attention and exercise.  You will not be charged for day care for that day and will be refunded any monies paid for day care services.

Q: Will my dog have a chance to rest/sleep during the day?

A: Yes.  There is a dedicated rest period during the middle of the day for all dogs to take time out to rest and/or sleep.  We have found that if dogs are left to play all day long they are likely to become over stimulated and frequently end up cranky and over tired. 

Q: What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?

A: K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care only accepts sociable dogs to ensure the dogs are happy in one another’s company. Usually, the dogs will form their own social groups with dogs at the centre who enjoy similar activities (playing together, exploring, relaxing, chasing the ball etc).

Q: Do you only accept well-trained dogs?

A: No.  Your dog does not need to be trained to enjoy the benefits of the day care.  Our staff will play with your dog in our own securely fenced land so a reliable recall is not necessary.  We find that dogs usually like to follow and stay with the pack but if not, wandering off the land is not possible. When out on a walk, we use training leads until we are certain your dog demonstrates a good recall. We will, however engage in some fun activities that usually involve some basic training such as use of agility equipment (tunnels, jumps, etc), ball retrieve games, etc., but will take the time to teach this to your dog through positive reinforcement methods only.  In fact, you may find that your dog comes home with a few new tricks to show you!

Q: What happens in an emergency?

A: First we will assess the situation and call you to discuss. If we can’t get hold of you and medical attention is required, we will take your dog to your nominated veterinary practice or, depending on the circumstance, the nearest veterinary practice.

Q: Can my dog stay at the day care centre overnight?

A: No. We do not provide a boarding service and only offer day care.

Q: Can you pick up and drop off my dog from my house?

A: Yes. We will aim to collect your dogs between 8:30am and 9:30am in the morning and drop them all off between 4pm – 5pm in the evening.   If you will not be home at these times please either arrange for us to hold a key or make alternate arrangements that will allow us to collect/drop-off your dog at these times i.e. with a neighbour.

If you are not going to be home when we collect your dog please email us instructions on where to find your dog’s collar, lead, food, payment (if applicable), and any other instruction on where you would like your dog left upon his/her return.

There is no additional charge or fees for this service unless you are outside the local area but we regret that we can not accept dogs outside of these hours.

Q: Do you offer day care on the weekends and bank holidays?

A: No.  The K9 to 5 Doggie Day care centre only operates from Monday-Friday and during normal working days although we may be introducing a weekend service – watch this space!