Open Day – 14th September, 2013

Open Day – Saturday, 14th September 2013  It was a great day and I have a number of thank yous to say first before I share the photos from the event.  Firstly, a huge thank you to my three special guests who gave up their Saturday to be at the Open Day and made the day… well … special!  An equally huge thank you to all the dogs and their owners who attended despite the inclement weather! An enormous thank you to my friends John and Jean who have been working tirelessly helping me to prepare all the changes to the K9 to 5 facility and to my daughter who apart from coming to help at the Open Day, supports me in so many other ways.  

Last but not least, many thanks to Billericay Cake Company  who once more presented us with their beautiful and delicious cup cakes with a K9 to 5 theme.  I would like to emphasise that the changes remain, at present, a work in progress but when finished, I firmly believe will be lovely!! The plan is to turf or seed the hill so as not to be a muddy mound! The pond will eventually be lined in order to keep the water as clean as possible and the area covered in bark will be paved or covered in tarmac. That said, it did not stop all the dogs having a lot of fun on Saturday. Here are some photos from the day: