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Taken up whole sofa and snoring!  Whatever you girls do, you do it well !!!

Ben and I are so relieved to have found such a fabulous place for snipe to be looked after. She absolutely adores k9 to 5 and especially Christine’s personal touch and attention. Each dog has specific play according to his or her particular likes and dislikes. There is plenty of clean space for afternoon snoozes and safe play for rough and tumble!!

Snipe comes home absolutely shattered, and loves attending. From our point of view having Christine holding a door key for our house means that we are sure of the security and safety of the house during the day. Snipe is left with plenty of water and food if required and nothing is too much trouble.
Late notice bookings and changes aren’t a problem for Christine, and the little things get noticed: illness and injury to reassure us that snipe isn’t just a number
We love it!



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To anyone wondering whether or not to use K9 to 5… our 16-week old English Shepherd puppy Max loves his time with Christine at her facility and we wouldn’t send him anywhere else. She is reliable, caring and it is obvious that she absolutely adores her dogs and those in her care.

Christine sends pictures and video updates to us while we are at work, which always brightens our day. We know that Max has a wonderful time with his chums at K9 to 5 each day.

I would have no concerns recommending Christine’s services to anyone.


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Poppy my beagle has the most fantastic time at K9 to 5.  Christine collects her and she is so excited to get in the car and get there to play with all the other dogs.  When we came to the open day Poppy knew where she was when we got to the Farm and she was so excited I literally thought she would scrape through the car window to get out.  I would thoroughly recommend K9 to 5 to anyone who requires day care for their dog.  Christine is really friendly and all the dogs adore her.  Thank you Christine for everything you do.


Gidgert relaxing

Gidgert Relaxing

Christine is an absolute star and loves her work. Having moved my little dog from the United States to the UK back in early 2013 I was looking for somewhere that would accommodate her needs and get her used to socialising with other dogs, which she had had little experience of before. She fitted in perfectly and loves spending time with Christine and all the other puppy dogs. She gets picked up and dropped off every day and I feel safe in the knowledge that she will be well cared for and entertained during the day while I am in London working.

Thank you, Christine, for all your hard work and continued enthusiasm. I don’t know where I would be without you!


Tess270x250We can’t thank Christine and the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care enough. Tess thoroughly enjoys herself there and comes home, tired, happy, and relaxed. Being an older couple we wouldn’t be able to give Tess the exercise she clearly needs. Although we frequently take Tess on walks, absolutely nothing compares to the exercise she gets running and playing with her friends at K9 to 5.

 And, the best bit is, when she goes to the day care there is no need for us to take her for additional walks, which is sometimes a huge challenge for us, especially in the colder months. Luckily the unpleasant weather doesn’t stop Christine. Yes, the dogs can get wet and muddy on rainy days but Christine takes care to give them a good wash down and dry before dropping them off. We’d much prefer that to keeping them indoors during bad weather any day!

The other great thing we love is that we know that Tess is playing with other sociable dogs. We know that whenever Christine accepts a new dog they will be undergoing an assessment that flushes out aggressive dogs. This gives us peace of mind as we’re always a bit nervous letting her off-lead in public, not because she won’t come back, but because we’re worried another dog may attack her. She is sweet-natured and wants to play with all dogs she meets, thankfully at K9to5 she can.

We can honestly say that if there was a place that dogs would choose to go, then K9to5 Doggie Day Care would be it!


Hello, I am a 1 year old cocker spaniel and my owners have used K9 to 5 a couple of times now and I have heard them say that they are very pleased with the service I get. I must say I agree – I am very excited when Christine looks after me plus I am rather exhausted when its time to come home!! Not only is she very helpful and flexible for my owners, Christine looks after all of us dogs in her care with great regard – I believe this is very important to my family – and me!