Why Doggie Day Care?

Do you know why doggie day care can be beneficial to your dog’s health? Here’s how: exercise, socialisation, and play can keep your dog fit and happy.


In today’s busy world it is often hard to give our pets the required amount of exercise they need to stay healthy and physically fit.

IMG_8776IMG_8776At the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care we provide this critical element to their well-being in abundance.

Unfortunately, owners that have to leave their dog at home all day, Monday to Friday, are frequently greeted by an exuberant pet that is craving a great deal of exercise and playtime that tired owners just cannot deliver.

Exercise is very important to all dogs, as it not only helps to keep them physically fit, it also can help to mitigate many behavioural problems that can occur when dogs are left for long periods of time such as chewing, soiling and other destructive behaviours.


Regular interaction with other dogs will enable your dog to be a well-balanced and socialised dog.

Day care plus 550At K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care your dog will develop socialisation skills by playing and hanging out with other dogs from many different breeds.

The dogs will be supervised at all times and, as the novelty of the pack environment fades, dogs will naturally acclimate and create a calm environment that is desensitized to the pack atmosphere.

Dogs that do not have the opportunity to practise these essential socialisation skills are more likely to engage in unsocial behaviour when on routine walks with their owners such as barking, lunging, growling or even attacking other dogs.

Dogs that attend the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care are less likely to engage in this unwanted behaviour.


Dogs, like many humans, love to play. At the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care we structure the day to include many dog games and activities to satisfy their innate desire to play. From ball games, swimming, scent training and agility our staff interact with the dogs to provide mental stimulation that increases their ability to learn.

Doggy Day Care 220

Whether it’s for the exercise, the socialisation or just for the play, owners that enroll their dogs in the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care will have less stress in their lives. They won’t experience the usual feelings of guilt and sadness that their dog is left all alone during the day.  Instead, owners of dogs who attend the K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care can feel confident that their dog is being entertained during the workday and can fully focus on their work.

See here for more information on keeping your dog healthy and happy.

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